Blue Apron - Review

Blue Apron - Review

March 13, 2017


Blue Apron offers to make cooking fun and easy and to provide you with all the ingredients you need to make a delicious meal in exactly the right proportions. 


The Price

  • 2 - Person Plan "Seasonally-inspired meals for two"
    • Recipes per week: 3
    • Price per serving: $9.99
    • Price per week: $59.94
  • Family Plan "Family-style meals for four"
    • Recipes per week: 2 or 4
    • Price per serving: $8.74
    • Price per week: 
      • 2 recipes per week: $69.92
      • 4 recipes per week: $139.84
  • Additional Option - Blue Apron Wine
    • Six 500ml bottles (2/3 of a standard wine bottle)
    • Price per month: $65.99

The Menus

  • 2- Person Plan
    • 6 options (3 vegetarian options)
    • You can choose 3 or they can select for you
  • Family Plan
    • 4 options
      • for the 2 recipe plan you can select your options
      • all 4 options will be sent on the 4 recipe plan



  • Cancel anytime*
  • Skip weeks*


I prepared these 2 meals from my second Blue Apron box.  (I didn't skip my order! Ooops.)  The meals were both delicious so it worked out. 

Blackened Chicken & Rice with Blood Orange & Kale

Blackened Chicken, Kale, Rice and Blood Oranges



Sicilian-Style Bucatini with Caesar-Style Salad & Oven-Toasted Croutons

 Recipe - Sicilian-Style Bucatini with Caesar-Style Salad & Oven-Toasted Croutons

*You will be charged for any orders that have been processed whether you have received them or not.  I wanted to try a new meal service every week so I wanted to cancel or put this account on hold but they had already processed next weeks order.



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