72-hr Emergency Pack

This is what I've put in my 72-hr pack.  Here's a downloadable checklist.

72-hr pack supplies Assorted Food (protein bars, tuna, fruit packs = 6,000 cal)
Trauma Pack / First-Aid Kit Breakfast Essentials ready-to-drink x3 (240 cal/ea)
Magnifying Card/Firestarter (in First-Aide kit) Coconut Water x3 (11 oz/ea)
Roadside Flares Water x3 (16 oz/ea)
Emergency Blanket (in First-Aide kit) Welch's Fruit snacks x3 (70 cal/pack)
Sawyer Water Filtration Clif bar x4 (250 cal/bar)
Flashlight Snacking nuts x3 (265 cal/bag)
Water / Gas shut-off tool Garden Organic Trail Mix x3 (170 cal/bag)
Waterproof Paper Justin's Honey Peanut butter x3 (210 cal/pack)
Permanent Marker Starkist tuna x3 (110 cal/pack)
Multi-Tool (Gerber Dime) Ben 90 sec rice x2 (400 cal/bag)
Compass Pinto Bean Seasoned x1 (810 cal/bag)
Gloves Chipotle Bean Flakes x1 (810 cal/bag)
Reflective Tape Green Pea Soup x1 (810 cal/bag)
Sanitizer (hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes) Honey Stinger waffle x3 (150 cal/ea)
Para-cord Bracelet & Whistle Energy Drink Mix x3
Duct Tape Sugar (6 tsps or 3 packets)
Superglue Salt (½ tsp or 8 packets)
Phone Charger
Additional Items for an Emergency Pack
Clothes Cash
(weather appropriate head covering) hat, beanie, scarf Credit card
Socks x3 House key
Underwear x3 Copies of essential documents (paper or digital)
T-shirt A list of essential numbers/passwords (paper or digital)
Long-sleeve shirt NOAA radio
Work pants Extra Cellphone (download Red-Cross or other First-Aid manual)
Sweatshirt/sweatpants or Shorts/t-shirt (weather appropriate) Solar Charger
Jacket (winter or rain) *Cards
Shoes (comfortable boots or athletic shoes) Feminine supplies or necessary medicine (inhaler, heart medication, diabetic...)