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Garden Valley Foods, Inland Empire Foods, Sutherlin, OR


The Sterner Family is Garden Valley Foods. Three generations of Sterner’s work at the Garden Valley Plant in Sutherlin, OR. The Garden Valley Plant was established in 1993 but, the history goes back much farther. The Sterner family has been in the food business for more than 100 years!  

Mark, Sr.’s father was in the business of canning beans and making healthy food at a time when health food wasn’t even a thing yet. Mark, Sr. built his first food processor at 16 and hasn’t stopped since. He and his son developed a patented system of drying legumes and turning them into flakes and flours that retain almost all of their nutritional value and have an incredibly long shelf life. These flakes and flours are sold wholesale to big companies that use them as ingredients in their own products.

The idea to make these products available online came about due to the interest of individuals and small businesses locally in these products. Perry was 100% behind the idea of making this move to an online division and took the idea and ran with it.

Once the ball was rolling it just took off. In 2015 Sue Bogard and Jess Bailey came on board and Garden Valley Foods was born! Mark, Sue, and Jess worked together to build not only an online store but, an online community.

GardenValleyFoods.com offers not only our products to the public but our knowledge about our products and how to use them. Check out our recipes!