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Green Pea Flakes are terrifically healthy food. The unique phytonutrients in green peas also provide us with key antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits as well as lowering the risk of stomach cancer.

The bags we use for packaging are linked here.

For 25Lbs. the bags we use for packaging are linked here.


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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R Welti
absolutely delicious, flexible high-value sensible addition to your pantry.

I just opened my bag tonight, and I was floored by how delicious it was, it cooked faster than I thought it would it was creamy and fresh tasting and just delicious I mean you like the fact that it comes in no salt, and I like the navy bean option as well as the yellow P option this is good stuff, it’s a great addition to not just your Emergency pantry but you’re everyday pantry. You’ll be glad your lifetime customer, as I know am.

Karen R.
try GV's Green Pea Hummus recipe!

Just made the Green Pea hummus recipe twice! Tastes really fresh and has similar texture to traditional hummus. Product is easy to travel with on Amtrak as well as home cooking! If you like your food spicy, you'll need to add a bit more spices as these are very neutral in taste.

Mindy H.
Repeat customer for life.

Have purchased many times for Garden Valley Foods. Every time is a positive experience. My order is ready quickly. Pick up is easy. Any questions are answered timely. I love the products. I will continue to purchase from them.

Thank you, Mindy. We're always here to answer any questions. Repeat customers are the best compliment!

Antonio P.
Backpacking food for the low sodium silent majority.

Tasty enough, super quick action, extremely light and packs small for backpacking, my intended use. I mixed it with some sun-dried tomatoes, powder milk, cuscus and olive oil for a complete meal (with some spices). The only problem is that the texture (or lack thereof) is a bit boring and over a longish trip (6 days) I was starting to get tired of it, despite alternating with equally good bean flakes. The sodium free preparation is a blessing for the 1/3 of Americans on such a diet for medical reasons, and you can always add salt to your taste, whereas all backpacking food available contains globs of salt, even taking re-hydration into account, to the extent that’s unhealthy for all to subsist on backpacking food only. This product is a practical, tasty ingredient for healthy and light backpacking meals.

Michele L.
Best quarantine food ever!

I love these flakes. So helpful in soups and as a thickener as I am Celiac and can’t use conventional flour.
The online ordering is a breeze, and I got my order right away.
Best company, best service ever.
Thank you so much. The only regret is that you don’t ship to Canada, or I’d send my daughter a care package.
Michele in WA State.