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Chickpeas 101

Garbanzo Beans ChickpeasChickpeas have been a staple of the Middle East for almost 7,000 years!  Since chickpeas were first cultivated in the Mediterranian basin and spread to India and Ethiopia and from there around the world.  The ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks used chickpeas as a staple in their diet.  In the 16th century chickpeas were brought to the New World.


Did you know?  

Quick facts and trivia about chickpeas:

  •  Cicer arietinum (scientific name) also called: Chickpea (English), Bengal gram (Indian), Garbanzo (Latin America), Hommes, Hamaz (Arab world), Nohud, Lablabi (Turkey), and Shimbra (Ethiopia).  Other laymen terms that reference the chickpea are gram, garbs, Ceci bean, and Kabuli Chana.
  • The most common type of chickpea is beige; other varieties can be black, green, or red.
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Enjoy!  Chickpea recipes