August 27, 2020

Let's do this backward, like our soup! ;)

Here's the link to my 72-hour emergency prep. pack.

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Emergency preparedness covers so much that it can be overwhelming.  It's time-consuming, expensive, and a pain in the behind!  As a mother, I'm concerned with being prepared for everything, all the "what ifs."  What if my son hurts himself out on the ranch and too far from help, what if he has an allergic reaction, what if he gets lost hunting?  These fears can weigh on us, whether they're for ourselves or our loved ones.  It seems to me that there are 2-types of people, those that expect the worst and those that assume it'll never happen to them.

For those that want to prepare for the worst, I'm here to help you!  For everyone else, remember, "it's better safe than sorry."  Trying to prepare for everything at once is too much.  You start googling, and down the rabbit-hole, you go.  You can look at this article from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for a comprehensive look at how to prepare for all types of disasters.

Many are concerned with preparing for the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 is not the only thing to consider.  What about wildfires, hurricanes, floods, major power outages, earthquakes, and the list goes on?  Some of the people in recent disasters have only minutes to get out!  One man said he had 30 seconds to grab what he needed and go.

There are two different issues here.  One is staying in; the other is getting out!  I am going to address both problems.  First, I'll talk about "go bags," "E.D.C." (everyday carry), or "bug-out bags."  All these bags and an emergency home supply, are you crazy?

That many bags is too much for me.  I will show you what I've put in my 72-hour emergency pack!  Everyone should have a bag adapted to them.  How much weight can you carry?  How many calories do you need?  What is your environment like?  Any health concerns?

72-hr Emergency Pack

  • Trauma Pack / First-Aid Kit
  • Magnifying Card/Firestarter (in First-Aid kit)
  • Roadside Flares
  • Emergency Blanket (in First-Aid kit)
  • Sawyer Water Filtration
  • Flashlight
  • Water / Gas shut-off tool
  • Waterproof Paper
  • Permanent Marker
  • Multi-Tool (Gerber Dime)
  • Compass
  • Gloves
  • Reflective Tape
  • Sanitizer (hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes)
  • Paracord Bracelet & Whistle
  • Duct Tape
  • Superglue
  • Mask
  • NOAA weather radio
  • Extra Cellphone (download Red-Cross or other First-Aid manuals)
  • Solar charger
  • Feminine supplies or necessary medicine (inhaler, heart medication, diabetic...)
  • Hygiene supplies (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, conditioner, wet wipes, hand sanitizer...)

Assorted Food (protein bars, tuna, fruit packs)

  • Breakfast Essentials ready-to-drink x3 (240 cal/ea)
  • Coconut Water x3 (11 oz/ea)
  • Water x3 (16 oz/ea)
  • Welch's Fruit snacks x3 (70 cal/pack)
  • Clif bar x4 (250 cal/bar)
  • Snacking nuts x3 (265 cal/bag
  • Garden Organic Trail Mix x3 (170 cal/bag)
  • Justin's Honey Peanut butter x3 (210 cal/pack)
  • Starkist tuna x3 (110 cal/pack)
  • Ben 90 sec rice x2 (400 cal/bag)
  • Pinto Bean Seasoned x1 (810 cal/bag)
  • Chipotle Bean Flakes x1 (810 cal/bag)
  • Green Pea Soup x1 (810 cal/bag)
  • Honey Stinger waffle x3 (150 cal/ea)
  • Energy Drink Mix x3
  • Sugar (6 tsp or 3 packets)
  • Salt (½ tsp or 8 packets)

Sugar + Salt + 1 liter of water = hydration solution


  • Hat, beanie, scarf (whatever is appropriate)
  • Socks x3
  • Underwear x3
  • T-shirt
  • Long-sleeve shirt
  • Work pants
  • Sweatshirt/sweatpants
  • Jacket
  • Shoes

Congratulations!  If you're making an adventure pack, you are finished.  


For those that are making a pack for "in case of emergency," there's more to do.

Additional Items for an Emergency Pack

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • House key
  • Copies of essential documents (paper or digital)
  • List of important numbers/passwords (paper or digital)
  • *cards


go bag, emergency prep., emergency supplies, packed backpack

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